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    Why is there a need for student hostels in our Seervi Samaj?

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    Today, with changing perspectives, many talents in society are progressing in education, aspiring for higher positions. They are occupying prestigious roles, but their representation is still very low. For these higher positions, higher education is absolutely necessary, but its percentage remains significantly low in our society. This topic “Need for student hostels” is a subject of contemplation for all intellectuals, as they sit and reflect, yet the outcomes seem uncertain.

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    a need for student hostels in our Seervi Samaj

    How essential is higher education?

    Most of the higher education is being pursued by children from affluent backgrounds or those who have access to expensive facilities in economically weaker cities, or they tend to migrate towards the easier path of southward migration, which has indeed strengthened society economically. However, even in South India, the youth no longer have a straightforward route, as educated individuals there have started their smart businesses, demonstrating the significance of higher education in every field.

    Merely giving grand speeches and expressing concern as guests in events will not change anything. Similarly, writing long articles and playing significant roles will not make our society’s talents read until we provide them with facilities for higher education in big cities. Until then, our talents will continue to migrate to South India for higher education. So, the only solution is to provide them with facilities, and for that, we need hostels for our community (Seervi Samaj) in these big cities.

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    Student hostels are crucial for the development of society.

    In this context, Student hostels in places like Jetaran, Bilara, Sojat, Pali, Byawar, Rani, Marwar Junction, Ranavas, and Jodhpur are playing a significant role in advancing the talents of our community. When these talents step out of these Student hostels and reach new heights, it feels like the hostel is warmly welcoming their achievements. Living in hostels instills a sense of social belonging in students, which is essential for societal progress.

    Apart from hostels, many organizations are working to assist economically weaker and disadvantaged students. Even though these programs give sporadic cash assistance, they cannot provide a long-term fix for the issue.

    a need for student hostels in our Seervi Samaj

    Friends, the student hostel in Udaipur is continuously progressing towards its goal. With the support of all of you, approximately 3 acres of land has been purchased in the name of the community, and the registration and land conversion process has been completed with the notice for the development and conversion fees issued by UIT Udaipur. Once the fees are paid, the approval for construction and lease will be granted. The society’s Bhama Shah brothers have contributed 40 rooms, a seminar hall, and many major announcements for the growth of the hostel. We hope that with the blessings of Mother IG, construction work can start as early as 2023 with everyone’s support.

    Not only in India but also in the world, Udaipur is recognized as a city of tourists, a city of lakes. With its pleasant climate, lush greenery, and picturesque mountains, Udaipur is home to several prominent educational institutions, including five universities of international repute, five medical colleges, various engineering and B.Ed colleges, a pharmacy college, and the world-renowned IIM-U.

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    In Udaipur, around 500 to 550 students from our community are pursuing various courses. In such a scenario, you can also understand how essential a student hostel is for our community in Udaipur.

    Friends, it is essential to contribute with our resources, time, and efforts, as well as utilize social media for spreading awareness and promoting this much-awaited social initiative. Without every single one of you, it would be impossible to accomplish our goal.


    Why is there a need for student hostels in our Seervi Samaj?

    Daularam Solanki, Dhana, Udaipur.

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