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    Seervi Samaj badminton competition was organized

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    Chennai. The All India Seervi Badminton Tournament, organized by the Seervi Sports Association of Tamil Nadu, took place on August 13, 2023, at Smashbounce, Korattur, Chennai.

    In this tournament, Devraj Dev, the IAS Deputy Commissioner of Science City Chennai, and Dwararam Solanki, assisted in launching the committee’s logo. The committee members expressed their gratitude for the support of the esteemed sponsor in successfully launching the logo and the tournament for the Seervi Sports Association of Tamil Nadu.

    A total of 350 players from Rajasthan, Ujjain, Mysore, Tumkur, and Tamil Nadu participated in this tournament. All the players performed well and showcased their talents.

    We had several categories in this tournament.

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    In the Men’s Double Open category, Sagar Seervi and Jeetendra Seervi from Telangana secured the first position and emerged as winners. Naresh and Harsh Mukati from Telangana and Rajasthan respectively took the second spot. Karan Singh and Sachin Chaudhary from Rajasthan secured the third position.

    In the Men’s Doubles 40+ category, Tarunji and Rajeshji Barfa from Karnataka clinched the first position, while Shantilal and Sohanlal from Tamil Nadu became the runners-up. The third position was awarded to Dharmaram and Dhanraj from Karnataka.

    In the Men’s Singles category, Sagar Seervi from Telangana claimed the first position, with Sachin Chaudhary from Rajasthan securing the second spot. The third position was taken by Harsh Mukati from Ujjain.

    In the Boys’ Singles Under 18 category, Tarun Chaudhary from Tamil Nadu secured the first position, Deepesh Seervi from Karnataka took the second spot, and Roshan H from Tamil Nadu finished in third place.

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    In the Women’s Doubles category, Tina and Puja from Tamil Nadu secured the first position, Aishwarya and Prachita from Tamil Nadu came in second place, and Sona N and Raksha A R from Tamil Nadu finished in third place.

    In the Mixed Doubles category, Bharat Chaudhary and Tina from Tamil Nadu clinched the first position, Suresh and Aishwarya from Tamil Nadu secured the second spot, and Deepak and Kavita from Karnataka took the third position.

    In 10 categories, Harshit Chennai claimed the first position.

    All participants were provided with welcome kits and memorabilia. The committee expressed gratitude to all sponsors.

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    The trophy sponsor was Preetam, the cash sponsor was MK Jewelry, the memento sponsor was Chetak Electricals Accessories, the venue sponsor was Traditional Silver Jewels and JK Jewels, the welcome kit sponsor was Bunny Teeth, the cookies sponsor was Unibic Food India Private Limited, the photography sponsor was Triberry Studio, the technology partner was MM Jewelry and MM Hallmarking, the audio-visual sponsor was Choudhary Auto Accessories, the umpire and referee sponsor was Darter (Architectural Hardware and Security Systems), and the toss and shuttlecock sponsor was Seervi Sandesh.

    The committee expressed their gratitude to all these sponsors.

    The committee also thanked the officials from Villivakkam Vadera for providing accommodations and food for the players.

    The committee members present included Chairman Rajesh Kumar Kag, Vice-Chairman Suresh Rathore, Secretary Sunil Hombad, Joint Secretary Sunil Lacheta, Treasurer Bharat Pawar, Joint Treasurer Sunil Warfa, and Sunil Solanki, Suresh Gahlot, Dilip Choyal, Harish Rathore, and Sunil Solanki.

    Sender: Seervi Sandesh

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