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    Shri Aaiji Sports Club Kengeri (A) became champion

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    Bengaluru/Kengeri. The volleyball competition, organized by Shri Aaiji Sports Club Kengeri (B) under the guidance of Seervi Samaj Trust Kengeri, concluded on Sunday, July 30, 2023, at Siddhaganga Public School Ground.

    The volleyball tournament began with a prayer and ritual in the presence of Maa Shri Aaiji. All the organizers, community members, and players from the 16 participating teams cheered loudly to honor Maa Aaiji.

    The event started with a worship of Mother Shri Aaiji’s feet and was inaugurated by the guests with a prayer to Lord Ganesha. From morning till evening, the matches thrilled the audience.

    Shri Aaiji Sports Club Kengeri (A) became champion

    Shri Aaiji Sports Club Kengeri (A) emerged as the champions, with the Yelahanka team securing the runners-up position.

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    Hitesh was named the Best Setter, and Chetan received the Best Attacker award in the competition. Dhaglaram was honored as the Man of the Series. Neemaram and Moolaram were recognized as the Best Center and Best Server, respectively. The winning and runner-up teams were presented with trophies.

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    Kanhaiyalal Lacheta, President of Kengeri Badher, warmly welcomed all the players during the event’s inauguration. Suresh Seervi managed the proceedings.

    Usha Seervi Parihariya, a player from the Rajasthan Women’s Cricket Team, and Suresh Sencha Goubhakt were the chief guests for the event. The chief guests and all the executive committee members warmly welcomed the attendees.

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    Shri Aaiji Sports Club Kengeri (A) became champion

    Usha Seervi stated that volleyball provides a platform for players to showcase their talents and unites the community during the entire event.

    The event was attended by Sports Minister Dhaglaram Lacheta, former President of Kengeri Badher, Bhomaram Bhayal, President of the Women’s Wing Bharati Bai, President of the Youth Wing Manoj Kag, Gautam Sindda, Suresh Sencha, Sports Minister of Balepet Vadher Kailash Bhayal, Secretary Mahalaxmi Vadher Pratapram Gahlot, and former Secretary of Marethli Vadher Bhomaram Parihariya, along with many other officials from the community.

    The information was provided by Secretary Suresh Devra Seervi.

    News Reporter: Durgaram Panwar

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