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    4th Khel Mahakumbh 2023 of All India Seervi Samaj Mahasabha begins

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    Sojat/Gaav Atbada. The 4th All-India Seervi Community Khel Mahakumbh commenced from Gaav Atbada on Saturday, 29th July 2023, in the presence of Dharmaguru Diwan Madhav Singh Ji and officials from all sub-district committees of the Seervi community, respected citizens, and sports enthusiasts. The event began with a torch rally (to mark the beginning of the upcoming Sports Kumbh to be held between 26th to 30th December 2023).

    The torch rally started from Gaav Atbada and went all the way to Gaav Kushalpura, culminating in the sports event at Kushalpura village in Raipur Tehsil. Hundreds of sports enthusiasts participated in this Khel Mahakumbh.

    Lighting the torch of Khel Mahakumbh

    All India Seervi Samaj Mahasabha Khel Mahakumbh 2023

    Prior to this, in a pre-event organized in Atbada, with the presence of Diwan Madhav Singh Ji, the Secretary of Seervi Sports Association Mr. Agararam Ji Choyal Seervi, along with his committee and the Seervi Youth Association sub-district committee representatives from Sojat and Atbada, the Chairman Mr. Umaram Ji, Secretary Mr. Dharmichand Ji, Treasurer Mr. Tarun Ji, Mr. Budharam Ji, Mr. Narayan Ji, Madanlal Ji, and other respected citizens and members of the Seervi Youth Association sub-district committee from Raipur and Kushalpura, the Seervi flag was hoisted, and the torch was lit, which was then handed over to the sports enthusiasts.

    A hearty welcome by fellow community members with drums and bugles.

    All India Seervi Samaj Mahasabha Khel Mahakumbh 2023

    With great enthusiasm, sports enthusiasts carried the torch in a vibrant rally all the way to Kushalpura village. In Kushalpura, the community members welcomed the torch with drum beats, jubilant songs, and warm wishes. Children saluted the torch during the parade, and the torch was ceremoniously taken to the temple.

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    A celebration was also organized in Kushalpura, where Shri Diwan Madhav Singh Ji, SDM Shri Suresh Kumar Ji, Sports Secretary Agararam Ji, Sarpanch Ashok Ji Seervi, and PTI Suren Singh Ji addressed the athletes and sports enthusiast community members, urging them to make the games a success.

    While addressing the gathering, SDM Suresh Ji also mentioned that a significant number of female/male participants will be joining in this Sports Kumbh, and he assures better security arrangements from the administration for the event.

    Sports Secretary Agararam Ji also inspected the sports arenas. Following that, a meeting of the Sports Association was held where strategies related to the upcoming games were discussed and planned.

    Diwan Saheb announced the construction of a sports stadium.

    All India Seervi Samaj Mahasabha Khel Mahakumbh 2023

    In Atbada, Diwan Saheb made an announcement to promote sports by constructing a sports stadium in the village Patwa.

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    Arrangements for a delicious feast were made for guests and players at both Kushalpura and Atbada.

    Several individuals participated in the torch rally and flag hoisting ceremony of Khel Mahakumbh, including Bhawarlal Ji Sencha, Mohanlal Ji Adhyapak, Chenaram Ji Palavat, Prem Singh Ji Barfa, Manohar Singh Ji Palavat, Devi Singh Ji Rathore, Ashok Ji Parihar, Chandra Singh Ji Rathore, Dhanaram Ji Rathore, Chiman Singh Ji Pawar, Jitendra Singh Ji Rathore, Govind Pawar Ji, Lokesh Chaudhary, Navayuvak Mandal President of Atbada, Babulal Ji, Rajuram Ji, Kishan Ji, Dilip Ji, Mahendra Ji, Bhajan artist, Ganpat Ji, Atul Ji, Hanuman Ji Rathore, Atbada village constable Om Ji, Jamadar Mohanlal Ji, Panchgan Navayuvak Mandal team, sports enthusiasts, and women. The team from Bilada Navayuvak Mandal also attended the event.

    This Khel Mahakumbh is being organized by the Seervi Samaj Charitable Trust, Kushalpura, Raipur, under the auspices of the All India Seervi Sports Association.

    News Correspondent:
    Duragaram Pawar

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