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    Thrilling Surprise! ‘Kanguva’ Makers Unveil First Look Poster of Suriya!

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    New Delhi : The highly anticipated first glimpse of Suriya’s upcoming Tamil film “Kanguva” has been revealed on a special occasion – Suriya’s 48th birthday. The teaser was unveiled on Sunday through Saregama Tamil’s YouTube channel.

    First glimpse of Kanguva

    In the captivating over two-minute-long video, Suriya portrays the character of a fierce warrior leading an army into battle. Sporting long hair and a rugged appearance, Suriya’s character exudes power and strength. The teaser showcases a dark night setting, with visuals of dead bodies, an eagle, a horse, a masked warrior, and a massive army.

    Suriya in Kanguva

    Throughout the teaser, we see Suriya’s character engaging in intense action, including killing a person with a lit arrow and running through the forest with a chain made of tiger claws around his neck. The teaser culminates in a scene where Suriya’s character looks skyward with an axe in one hand and a mask in the other, screaming while arrows rain down upon his enemies. The teaser concludes with Suriya smiling at the camera and asking, “All well?” He also shared the first glimpse on his Twitter page.

    Fans’ reaction to Kanguva

    Fans were quick to express their excitement and admiration for the teaser, praising Suriya’s powerful portrayal as Kanguva. Many were moved by the impactful background music and thrilling moments that sent shivers down their spines. Some even predicted that the film had the potential to make history in the Indian film industry.

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    More about Kanguva as per Siva

    “Kanguva” is described as a “mighty valiant saga” and is being directed by filmmaker Siva. The movie is produced by UV Creations and Studio Green and features the talented actor Disha Patani as well. The music for the film is composed by Devi Sri Prasad, and cinematographer Vetri Palanisany is responsible for the stunning visuals.

    Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, and English were among the many of the languages which have been given the “Kanguva” movie trailers. The film’s creators guarantee an unfiltered and authentic experience, rich with strong feelings, standout acting, and epic action scenes that have never been seen before. Starting in early 2024, the film will be distributed in 3D and in ten different languages. The anticipation for this enormous cinematic experience is high among fans and movie buffs.

    Thrilling Surprise! 'Kanguva' Makers Unveil First Look Poster of Suriya!

    Story plot of Kanguva

    The excitement around the much-anticipated film, Suriya 42, reached new heights with the revelation of its intriguing title, “Kanguva.” Directed by Siva, the movie promises to be a captivating experience, but what exactly is Kanguva all about? Is it a tale of a mythical hero with extraordinary powers? To shed light on these questions and more, director Siva graciously took some time amidst his busy schedule to share insights into the world of Kanguva.

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    Explaining the title, Siva clarifies that “Kanguva” refers to a man with the power of fire, derived from the Tamil word “Kangu,” which means fire. However, he urges us not to perceive it as a fantasy film with superhuman abilities. Instead, Kanguva draws inspiration from ancient times when fire was worshipped, incorporating elements from that era.

    The setting of the film adds to its allure, as Siva reveals that it takes place 1500 years ago. He fulfilled his long-held aspiration of creating an imaginary world with Kanguva. The movie artfully weaves together elements from ancient Tamil culture and various other Indian cultures, crafting a fictional story with strong historical references.

    World-building on such a grand scale demands technical finesse and extensive art production. Siva shares his excitement about showcasing the world of Kanguva through a making video, where audiences can witness the meticulous craftsmanship in giant laboratory-like spaces.


    The title announcement video holds significant clues about the story. Every detail, from the dog and the horse to Suriya’s mask, has a deep connection to the narrative. The eagle featured in the video plays a crucial role in the story’s unfolding.

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    This movie aims to enthrall audiences in multiple ways, with plans for a release in 10 languages and an immersive 3D experience. Siva mentions that several sequences will be especially spectacular in 3D.

    After over three years of dedicated work, Kanguva is nearing completion, and the director expresses his joy in collaborating with Suriya, the lead actor who has poured his heart and soul into the project. Siva extends his gratitude to Suriya and producer Gnanavel Raja for making Kanguva a reality and eagerly looks forward to bringing the grand vision to the big screens in early 2024.

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