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    Delhi hostel will prove to be a milestone for participation in administration: JK Chowdhary

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    Malaad, Mumbai. The Chairman of the Seervi Vikas Mandal, Malaad, and trustee of the organization, C.A. J.K. Chaudhary, presided over the successful celebration of the Bhadvi Sudi Beej festival at Shri Aaimataji Temple, Malaad, Mumbai, in the presence of prominent dignitaries.

    On this occasion, Shri Goparamji Panwar, the Coordinator of the Delhi Student Hostel Campaign, was also present, providing information about the Delhi Student Hostel and discussing the construction of the environment. The meeting was attended by the Treasurer Shri Mahendrji Varfa, Secretary Shri Chimanaramji Bhayal, Shri Motilalji Kag, Shri Himmatarji Aaglecha, Shri Rameshji Parihar, and others.

    Student Hostels will play a vital role

    The first C.A. from Seervi Samaj (Community) and Chairman, Shri Jassaramji Chauhan (J.K. Chaudhary), expressed that Delhi is a crucial place for the preparation of Indian administrative services, and active participation in administration will play a vital role. Therefore, society should come forward to support the construction of Delhi Student Hostel.

    On this occasion, Shri Goparam Panwar provided updates on the progress of the support received so far, including awareness campaigns for education and environment under the one-year education campaign at the Seervi Samaj (Community) Building-based Student Hostel in Delhi. He emphasized that the support given by the attendees will be a milestone for deserving students in the field of education.

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    Delhi Student Hostel will play vital role

    Appeal for support

    During the event, discussions and consultations were held with various organizations, education enthusiasts, educators, Bhamashahs, and donors to appeal for personal support and to gather maximum support from individuals/organizations.

    Shri J.K. Chaudhary, the Chairman, assured that in the upcoming meeting of the Badar Executive Committee, discussions would take place on support for Delhi Student Hostel, and every effort would be made to provide maximum assistance.

    During the event, Shri Goparamji Panwar, the National Coordinator of the Delhi Student Hostel Campaign and the Drug-Free and Social Reform Campaign, was honored by the organization for his long-standing social service.

    Contact details:
    Goparam Panwar
    Coordinator, Delhi Student Hostel
    Phone: 9414412815, 9929717343

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