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    What Should My Family Be Like?

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    Chennai: Sadhvisri Chaitanyashreeji, who is stationed at the A.M.K.M. Center in Purushavakkam, spoke during her discourse on Thursday about the importance of maintaining family harmony. She emphasized that every member of the household is crucial in achieving familial peace.

    To illustrate her point, she discussed the family of Lord Adinath Tirthankar. The uniqueness of Lord Adinath’s family did not lie in the fact that all the family members were highly educated, modern, or held prominent positions. Instead, it lay in the fact that all the members of Adinath Prabhu’s family achieved spiritual liberation.

    The key character in this narrative is Marudevi Mata, who gave birth to Lord Adinath. In her previous life, Marudevi Mata was born as a girl who understood the importance of not causing harm to any living being. She saved 64,000 creatures from a tree during the period of Ardhapudgal Paravartan, directly taking human birth from the plant kingdom. Throughout her life, she never experienced illness, sorrow, hunger, or grief. She was fed by the gods, Devguru Uttarguru, and never shed a tear. The reason behind her virtuous life was twofold. First, in a previous life, she had saved 64,000 creatures from a thorny bush, and secondly, when she was an essence in the Maru Devi Bhav, she did not harm the thorns of the banana tree, and as a result of this extreme tolerance, she lived an illness-free life.

    Such a Marudevi Mata became the mother of Lord Adinath Tirthankar, and her virtuousness was legendary. She also became the grandmother of Chakravarti, and her character is highly revered and honored.

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    Gautamchand Gugaliya, the coordinator of the Publicity and Propagation Committee, announced that Marudhar Kesari Mishrimalji Maharaj and Lokmanya Saint Roopchandji Maharaj’s birth anniversaries would be celebrated with colorful penance on August 27th. This information was shared by the President of the Purushavakkam Sangh, Vinaychand Pawecha.

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