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    Success Based on Determining Personal Goals: Deveendrasagar Suri

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    Chennai: In life, the reason to smile must be found within oneself. Having a vision of a bright future undoubtedly brings happiness and enthusiasm into one’s life. However, to realize any golden dream, one must put in effort and dedication. The above words were spoken by Acharya Shri Deveendrasagarsuri during a discourse at the Shri Sumativallabh Northtown Jain Sangh.

    He further elaborated that no goal can be achieved without struggle and hard work. Achieving a goal requires the right balance of available resources and time. The purpose of life should not only be about achieving a goal but also about attaining success with contentment. We should choose goals in our life that are realistic, ones that can be achieved. For example, becoming a skilled pilot can be achieved through hard work and dedication. On the other hand, dreaming of becoming a bird and flying in the sky is much more challenging.

    We should select goals in life that inspire us and are also full of challenges. Choosing an impossible goal only creates stress in our lives. Goals should be chosen according to our capabilities. To achieve success in life, having strong self-belief, continuous hard work, the right perspective, following the correct guidance, and consistently staying motivated are essential.

    After carefully considering and defining a goal, one should also make the right plan to achieve it. Attempting to achieve multiple goals simultaneously is not advisable. Each step toward the goal should be taken with determination. Avoid choosing the wrong path to achieve your goal, as it can lead to stress and troubles in life.

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    In conclusion, Acharya Shri emphasized that only the brave enjoy the bliss of life. Those who live in fear, superstition, and rely on fate never experience the joy of life nor can they achieve their goals. You must take fate into your own hands and set strong intentions to succeed. Such determined individuals achieve victory in life, and this victory becomes the source of their contentment.

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