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    Screening of ‘Shri Aaiji’ Rajasthani Film at Vader Prangan

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    Bengaluru. In Kengeri, Shree Aai Mata Vader Pranganhosted the screening of the Rajasthani film ‘Shri Aaiji’ on Saturday night.

    A large number of audiences participated in the event, and the Vader premises were filled with enthusiastic viewers. The producer of the film, Bhawarlal Choyal, mentioned that the film will be shown across South India and will be free of cost for all audience.

    During this occasion, the President of Vader, Kanhaiyalal Lacheta, General Secretary Suresh Seervi, Durgaram Gehlot, Deputy Secretary Suresh Hambad, Co-Treasurer Nathuram, Mallaram, Ramesh, Namararam, Mangilal, Bholaram, Rajaram, Hiralal, Former President Bhomaram Bhayal, Mangalaram Hambad, and Sports Minister Durgaram Lacheta were present.

    As the main guests, Karnataka Seervi Mahasabha’s President Veeraram Solanki and Women’s Wing President Leelabai Choyal were honored on behalf of the Seervi community.

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    The film’s producer Bhawarlal Choyal and directors Hemant Choudhary and Lakhna Choudhary were felicitated by members of the community with shawls and mementos.

    A large number of audience from the Kenegari Nayanhalli Mysore Road area participated in watching the film, and the entire event was managed by the members of the Navayuvak Mandal.

    Screening of ‘Shri Aaiji’ Rajasthani Film in Kolegal

    In Kolegal, at the Shree Choudeshwari Kalyan Mandap, the Rajasthan film ‘Shri Aaiji’ was screened under the patronage of Shree Vishnu Samaj.

    The film attracted a large number of viewers, and the entire hall was filled with eager audiences. The producer Gautam Choyal, co-producer Hemant Choyal, and director Lakhna Choudhary were warmly welcomed by the Vishnu Samaj.

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    During this occasion, Pacharam Gurjar, Jagdish Seervi, Chennaram Jat, Devaram Seervi, Bheraram Budharam, Babulal, along with a significant number of Rajasthanis from Kolegal, Belkavadi, Hanur Mangala, Kaudahalli, Rampura, and Lok Hali, participated in watching the film. The screening of this film was also attended by audiences from these areas.

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