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    Ignorance, mindlessness, indiscretion are the causes of sorrow: Sant Ramprakashji Maharaj

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    Bengaluru. In the serene ambiance of Seervi Samaj Karnataka Trust Balepet Vader, during the observance of Chaturmas, Sant Ramprakashji Maharaj delivered a profound message about the presence of sorrow in every human’s life. He emphasized that the cause of this suffering lies in our naivety, ignorance, and indiscretion. Each individual is entangled in the complexities of their mind, perpetually afflicted by their own thoughts. The ultimate goal for every person is to alleviate their suffering.

    to read in Hindi : नादानी, नासमझ, अविवेक ही दुख के कारण हैं : संत रामप्रकाशजी महाराज

    In this event, the organization’s secretary, Amararam Choyal, captivated the devotees with soul-stirring renditions of devotional bhajans like ‘Aavano Padela Saint Guru Thoune Aavano Padela’, filling the atmosphere with a sense of devotion and jubilation.

    The President of the organization, Harjiram Gahlot, extended a warm welcome to all attendees, setting the stage for a spiritually enriching experience.

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    On Tuesday, Sukhiyabai Jugaram Saencha and Bhavribai Achalaram Pawar received the blessings of the divine through the auspicious Arati and prasad.

    As a significant guest from Rajasthan, Chief Forest Conservator Umararam Choudhary graced the occasion and was honored by the organization’s officials.

    The event also saw the presence of prominent members of the society, including the Chief Forest Conservator Umararam Choudhary from Rajasthan.

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    The Cultural Committee, led by Kamalkishore Kag, actively participated in the event, adding vibrant cultural elements that resonated with the attendees.

    In conclusion, Sant Ramprakashji Maharaj’s teachings shed light on the causes of human suffering and present a path towards happiness and liberation. The Chaturmas event at Seervi Samaj Karnataka Trust Balepet Vadeer offered a platform for spiritual introspection and growth, leaving a profound impact on all those present.

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