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    Making Of Black Salt: How is Black Salt Produced? This viral video has truly opened your eyes

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    From Gujarat to Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu to Maharashtra, you can come across salt fields. But have you ever witnessed the making of black salt? In reality, there are many aspects associated with black salt. Some claim it comes from Pakistan, while others suggest it’s harvested from mountains.

    A pinch of salt enhances the flavor of food. However, the process of making salt is quite challenging. Whether it’s white salt or black salt, both require laborers to put in strenuous efforts, often at the expense of their own well-being. India stands as the world’s third-largest salt producer. Salt fields can be found from Gujarat to Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu to Maharashtra. But have you ever seen the production of black salt? In truth, there are many misconceptions surrounding black salt. Some claim it comes from Pakistan, while others suggest it’s collected from mountains. However, the reality is that black salt is indeed manufactured within India. How? You will come to know after watching the video.

    This is how black salt is prepared

    …In this viral video, you can see that first, a truck unloads Sambhar salt (obtained from the Sambhar Lake). This is coarse white salt, which comes from Jaipur. Initially, a kiln is ignited by placing a heap of husk inside. Following this, a substantial amount of coal is added.

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    Then, the clay pots are arranged in rows within the kiln, and coal is placed on top to ensure no empty spaces remain. Subsequently, these pots are filled with the coarse white salt. Along with this, almond peels are also added, altering the color of the salt. After thoroughly covering the pots with clay lids, they are left to mature for 24 hours to allow the cooking process. Once the clay pots with glowing embers are ready, they are taken out of the kiln. After cooling down, the pots are broken, and the black salt is extracted.

    This video is being watched a lot on social media

    Making Of Black Salt: How is Black Salt Produced? This viral video has truly opened your eyes

    This video was posted on the Instagram page “Foodie Incarnate.” They captioned it as “Making of Black Salt… This is how black salt is prepared.” The video has garnered over 238,000 views and 17,000 likes so far. Users have also left comments on it. One person wrote, “It’s not almond peel, it’s babul peel.” Another comment humorously remarked, “Who would eat salt with sandal on it?” Someone else mentioned, “First time seeing the making of black salt.” This clip is now being shared across various social media platforms, with people eagerly watching it. Have you ever seen the process of making black salt? Let us know in the comments.

    Watch here how black salt is made

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