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    Dharmaguru Diwan Madhav Singh, arrived in Sarathur, Bali and expressed his condolences along with the relatives of the Kaag family.

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    Bali, In Bali Sotala, the village Sarathur, the religious leader (Dharmaguru) of the Aai Panth, Shri Madhav Singh Diwan, stated that there is a need to build Aai Mata Ji temples and assembly halls in various places across India, such as Tirupati in South India, Marwar and Madhya Pradesh. Additionally, there is a plan to construct the Aai Mata temple in Ayodhya by acquiring land.

    In his 15-day long journey from Chennai, Diwan traveled to various religious programs in Chennai, marking his presence successfully. From there, he took a flight to Jodhpur and then arrived in Bali Sotala, Sarathur, to offer his condolences to the Kaag family on the sad demise of Shrimati Ganga Bai, the beloved mother of the industrialist Pemaram Kaag.

    On this occasion, Diwan addressed the Seervi community and offered floral tributes (pushpanjali) at their memorial site.

    On this occasion, several prominent members of the Seervi community, including police officials, village heads, representatives from various organizations, and presidents and officers of social, educational, and religious institutions from approximately 70 villages, including Bali Sotala, Bijova, Pali, Bilada Dham, Nadol, Rani, Raipur, Desuri, Dadaai, Mataji Wada, and Marwar Junction, sought blessings from the religious leader (Dharmaguru).

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    On this occasion, Diwan offered his condolences to the Kaag family.

    On this occasion, a large number of esteemed individuals from the community were present, including the village heads, Jamadars, and influential figures such as Panna Lal from Mataji Wada, Dhanaram Lalavat from Bilada Dham, Harjiram Kaag from Andhra Pradesh, Chenaram Chaudhary (former Sarpanch), Ganpatlal (Advocate), Fualal (former Pradhan), Jagaram Chaudhary (former Chairman), Hemaram Chaudhary, Ghisulal Gamanaram Chaudhary, Chenaram, Jasararam Pali, Ruparam Rani, and Raipur Pargana.

    This information was provided by Khetaram Maharaj of Bali.

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