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    Cricketer Usha Parihariya was honored in Shamshabad

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    Hyderabad. The talented cricketer and the first female cricketer from the Seervi community, Ms. Usha Parihariya from Bilavas village in Sojat tehsil of Pali district, was felicitated on her arrival in Shamshabad. As the first female cricketer from the Seervi community in Pali district and across India, you have illuminated both your own name and the name of the Seervi community. We are proud of the remarkable talent in our community, which has brought pride and honor through hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

    A grand welcome to Usha Parihariya

    Under the leadership of Harjiram Kag, the President of All India Seervi Mahasabha Telangana, the entire program was successfully conducted. All esteemed members warmly welcomed the daughter (referring to Usha Parihariya).

    In the program, various esteemed members were present, including Sohanlal Hammad, Secretary of All India Seervi Mahasabha; Asaram Gehlot, President of Shamsabad Bader; Bhooraram Parihar, Secretary; Malaran Pawanar, Vice President; Hariram Parihariya, Treasurer; Praveen Kumar Pawanar, Sports Minister; Bhikaram Kag, Media Incharge; Chelaram Kag, Advisor; Ramesh Choyal, Executive Committee Member; Gauri Devi Kag, Mahila Secretary and Panchayat Committee Member from Devli Raipur; Motiram Madavat, Secretary from Narsingi Bader; Santosh Devi Parihar, Vice President of Mahila Mandal; Bharati Parihariya, Secretary; Kamala Devi Pawanar, Advisor; Usha Lacheta, Former Mahila Mandal Treasurer from Parsigutta Bader, Hyderabad, along with other society members and mothers and sisters, participated in this grand event.

    Along with that, the cricket bat of female cricketer Ms. Usha Parihariya was presented as a memento, and she was warmly welcomed and congratulated with a garland.

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    In this program, Mr. Harjiram Kag said that with the hard work and dedication of our daughter Usha, she has reached this level today, and in the coming times, we all want to see her in the national team. With the blessings of Aai Mataji, her goal will surely be achieved.

    In his inaugural speech, he said that society should provide every possible contribution and support to talented students to help them progress further in their path and continuously move forward in fulfilling their duties. One should never deviate from their path and goal. Whenever one strays from their path, it tarnishes the reputation of their family and society. Therefore, those children who are excelling in their studies and making good progress in sports should be given ample support and encouragement. Such talents will receive all possible assistance and support from the Akhil Bharatiya Seervi Mahasabha, Telangana.

    In her welcome address, Sushri Usha emphasized that we should stay connected to our values and work diligently and with dedication. Continuous practice is essential for achieving success in any endeavor.

    The anchoring of the program was done by Bhikaram Kag with great enthusiasm and excellent style, incorporating Hindi, Rajasthani, and Sanskrit shlokas.

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