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    A grand welcome took place at Pipiliya Baira for Dharmarath Aai Mata Bhail

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    Pali | In Sojat, Pali, on Friday, a grand reception was accorded to Aai Mata Bhail (Dharmarath) by mothers, sisters, and banderuos of Seervi Community at Pipaliya baira of Hambar gotra at Bagadi Nagar.

    In front of this Baira, Devli Hulla is located at a distance of two and a half kilometers, Kelwad in the southeast at three kilometers, Pipalad in the southwest at three kilometers, Bagdi Nagar in the west, and Chandaval Railway Station in the north. This Baira covers an area of approximately 750 acres, and currently, around 70-75 families reside here.

    The religious assembly was organized at nine o’clock in the night. Addressing the gathering, Deeparam Kag explained that even those who couldn’t find a seat in the assembly sat in the religious gathering until one o’clock at night and heard about the history of the Seervi community and Shri Aai Mataji.

    In this assembly, the incorrect history that was heard until now and the doubts raised during the Q&A session were resolved with the presentation of accurate historical facts.

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    In the history of Shri Aai Mataji, in the previously unheard history, after Sehavaj, Shri Aai Mataji also visited Bagdi in the Gawadi of Hambar Gotra’s families of Seervi community. At that time, the Hambar gotra family did not leave any stone unturned in their service. Then, they honored Mataji with serving wheat porridge (Ghaat) and said, eat food and then go. We will have to go to work, we are getting late (Matājī āp gāṭ jīm lijo, bhailiyā ne chāro khavāṛ dījo māre moṛo reve hai jo maim jāū̃. Matājī kiyo ke thārī gāṭ rā to ṭhāṭh vajo, paṇ sāt pīṛhī moṛo ij reijo. Āj re hāmdo re pīpliyā vālā rāt maim gyārāh baje khet sū̃ ghare āve aur sube chār bajiyo paiḷī pāchhā khet maim poñchh jāve phair bhī āj re din kaive ke moṛo rego. Matājī ro vachan āj bhī inore māṭhe lāgū vhāi hai). All of them have accepted this fact in the religious gathering themselves.

    This program was conducted by Mahendra Maharaj.

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