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    West Bengal Panchayat Election Results 2023: TMC Secures Massive Victory

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    Winners of the WB Panchayat Election Result in 2023 are listed below. On Tuesday, July 11, the West Bengal Panchayat elections’ vote totals were tallied. The TMC has won handily in this election for 73,887 seats held in rural areas. BJP, Congress, and other political parties are currently far behind in the running.

    The counting for the elections held on July 8 and 10 was done under stringent security measures despite numerous acts of violence. On Sunday evening, July 9, the State Election Commission (SEC) mandated re-voting in 696 booths. Let’s find out which party’s candidate prevailed in each voting district.

    Panchayat Election Results : TMC’s victory in a landslide

    According to Election Commission figures up to 7:30 PM, the TMC is in the lead with 8,180 seats and has won 18,606 of the advertised 27,985 seats for Gram Panchayats. With 4,482 seats won, the BJP is in the lead with 2,419 seats. 1502 seats have been gained by the Left Front.

    With 1,073 seats obtained, the Congress is ahead by 693. Other parties have taken 476 seats and currently hold a lead of 208. Independent candidates, including TMC defectors, have gained 1,060 seats and are currently in the lead on 466 seats. On 785 seats, the contenders are now neck-and-neck.

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    TMC’s sway on Panchayat Samiti

    Data from the Election Commission show that the TMC is in the lead with 782 seats and has won 118 Panchayat Samitis seats. On 79 seats, the BJP is in the lead. One seat has been won by the CPI(M), while it holds a lead in 27 other seats. With 8 seats, Congress is in the lead. A total of 9,728 Panchayat Samiti seats were up for election.

    TMC’s Flag is also flying in Zilla Parishad

    While the CPI(M) has won two seats, the TMC has won every Zilla Parishad with results that have been declared, leading in 64 more. There are 928 seats in the Zilla Parishad in total. Sujata Mondal of the TMC has won the state’s first Zilla Parishad seat from Joyapur, Bankura.

    Due to a lack of opposition candidates at the Gram Panchayat and Panchayat Samiti levels, Sujata, the former spouse of BJP MP Soumitra Khan, was proclaimed the winner of Bankura Zilla Parishad seat number 44.

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