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    Bigg Boss OTT 2, Avinash shared his thoughts about Elvish Yadav

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    Bigg Boss OTT 2 is nearing its end, but soon everyone will also know the winner. Eliminations are happening rapidly, as contestants are being sent home swiftly. Recently, the highly popular contestant Avinash was also eliminated from Bigg Boss.

    Bigg Boss OTT 2 Avinash

    According to popular opinion, Avinash was performing remarkably well and many had already considered him a potential winner. However, Avinash’s journey on Bigg Boss took an unexpected turn as he faced elimination. Upon exiting the show, he also shared his thoughts about fellow contestant Elvish Yadav.

    Avinash On Elvish Yadav

    After exiting the Bigg Boss house, while Avinash was out and about, some individuals recognized him and began engaging in a question-and-answer session. People inquired whether Elvish Yadav might emerge as the winner this time. In response, Avinash remarked that it’s possible for Elvish to win, suggesting that this season could witness a wildcard contestant winning Bigg Boss for the first time.

    A new record could be set

    For your information, this has never happened before, where a wildcard entry contestant has won Bigg Boss. If Elvish Yadav succeeds in achieving this, it would create a new record.

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    Additionally, Avinash was asked if he misses the Bigg Boss house. He replied unequivocally that he doesn’t miss the Bigg Boss house at all. He humorously mentioned that he left by saying “I don’t care”.

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